Tuesday, April 17, 2012

(Music) In Today's 'Where Are They Now?" The artist formerly known as Envyi now known as @sioux_lane

So I asked this question BELOW on Twitter right....*


The picture ABOVE was the response I got....From the artist. So now you know. The kicker? I heard this song below and HAD NO CLUE HER. (Obviously not from THIS LINK as it SAYS HER NAME and former name in it...) Hence me not ever looking her up on Twitter under that name. You GOTTA LOVE TWITTER.....(Awaits new music from Sioux Lane now...)


Who? @ some of you youngins asking me..THE GAL SANGING..'SHAWTY SWING MY WAY....SHAWTY SWING MY WAY...."

*It should be noted that most times I ask this question ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS answers and truthfully I am more than likely to be the one to POINT OTHERS IN THE DIRECTION OF ARTISTS ON TWITTER. So it was nice to have MY OWN QUESTION ANSWERED FOR ONCE.