Thursday, April 26, 2012

(Words) @IamDEELISHIS aka London Charles w/the QOTD: A SERIOUS crime is committed & u later discover the criminal is your..

Here is the FULL QUESTION..

The answers rolled in heavy too. 

You can always go back to her TL to see some of the answers or click on the hyper links I put up when I start citing examples.

As you can imagine, the answers ran the gamut. From THE EMPHATIC YES to the EQUALLY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES NO... There are mottos being ran up and down the TL. Creedos if you will. A lot of 'We see who would do what when you know who does you know what' and all of that shit. As you can see BELOW the question is..MY ANSWER...

Well the first part... Here is the rest...!/carolinaware/status/195582601174597632!/carolinaware/status/195586998315130880

 You know, just a couple of weeks ago, as a collective, we were ALL pretty much screaming for justice in regards to Trayvon. We wanted the 'police to do their job' and take George Zimmerman into custody. His FOLKS were on TV, telling us all about the 'George they knew and loved' and how his intent was XYZ and the like. You know what the OVERWHELMING majority of you said?


The reactions to London's question were EXACTLY why I was questioning whether or not some of you were 'sincere' in your 'fight' for Trayvon as I KNEW where you stood on issues like THIS ONE HERE. @ the question she posed. You know what though, let me not assume that the folks who are reading this DO FEEL THAT WAY....

What would YOU do in the situation that London proposed as far as your family? If YOUR KIN WAS THE ONE WHO GUNNED DOWN TRAYVON MARTIN? @ serious crime. 

Kinda changes things a bit doesn't it? @ those of you who want to 'quote' this saying or saying 'let the police do their job'..

Speaking of those 'sayings', I see a WHOLE LOT OF FOLKS spouting them off like they 'know what it means' but clearly by their 'application' of them, they do not. I HATE to get religious on ya'll but if you are going TO QUOTE SOMETHING THAT IS IN THE BIBLE, I can't allow you to twist into some bullshit. Sorry....

I am my brother's keeper

 In Genesis, Chapter 4 -- God asked Cain after he killed Abel out of rank jealousy this simple question. "Where is your brother, Abel? [i]" Cain's infamous response as SOME OF YOU KNOW WAS...

 "I don't know,"  "Am I my brother's keeper?

Now if you KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BEING A SMART ASS, as some of you do, YOU KNOW GOOD AND DAMM WELL Cain wasn't being 'nice' when he replied to God. In fact, he said that in hopes that God would just basically say..'Yeah you are right, it wasn't your turn to watch him..." We all know, at least those of us in sound mind, that Cain was being a smart ass when he said it. FURTHERMORE, the saying isn't "I am Brother keeper" but rather a QUESTION of whether or not he was his keeper. (sighs) So citing that 'quote' as a reason why you wouldn't do it 'cause you are 'his keeper' is false within itself 'cause that wasn't the intent of the initial statement.

Why do we use it out of context? I think I have an idea why...The movies... Particularly this one...

 Fly scene. Classic movie LOOSELY based off of some fabrication of a real dealer. The credits rolled on that one though and MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF US WENT BACK TO OUR LIVES.. 

.0000333 went back to being the 'Nino' of the block/neighborhood. The rest of us? Went back to living our regular lives. How so many of us managed to convince ourselves that those are the codes we should be living by, even though we aren't involved in any 'organized crime' (although some of you want us to believe you are) is ASTOUNDING TO ME. Everybody wants to live it but no one wants to pay the price. There's a price with that. Didn't ya'll get that out of the movie or did you only see him with the money? He DIDN'T WIN. I could see if he won and you saying "See, he WON! I can take those rules he had and win..." He didn't. -_- No other way to say it. I don't know too many folks who are officially retired from that game who won btw. A few..Not many though. I know HUNDREDS who put their 'uniform on though' and suited up. Rest their souls too 'cause if I could have 'sold them a better dream' than the one they got sold, I would have. They made the decision though. Not me.

 'An offence against God is an offence against man, and in like manner an offence against man is an offence against God, since man is a creature of God. Either offence is criminal.' 

That was our mentality prior to 'coming here'. @ that passage. I implore you to go do the research on it on your own though. Don't take my word for it. Please. Learn yourself.

Since we have gotten our freedom, it seems that we have lost that 'mentality'. Probably because we saw others succeeding doing it a different way. Thing is, while some of us are doing okay, the VAST MAJORITY of us are not. Why is that I wonder? I mean we DEFINITELY suffer from 'other folks' not liking us but we have taken the knife by the handle and started stabbing ourselves. We've have conformed to the very oppressor we hate in a LOT OF WAYS. Some of the VERY FREEDOMS that some of you ENJOY and love to brag about 'your ancestors' fighting for are being DESTROYED by you when you fall into the line of thinking some of you have.  If you are new, I have a saying that kinda sums it up pretty succinctly. My twitter followers and blog readers know it well and now I will share it with you...

"Whitey has taught some of you VERY WELL... " @ the oppressive tactics that you picked up from 'him' along the way. He has you out here 'enslaving' yourselves. Putting yourselves in a box. Doing his dirty work for 'him'. I can only imagine how 'they' * must sit back and look in amazement as we 'do it to ourselves'. You know...

Kill each other. 

Segregate each other by either 'disassociating ourselves' from those who HAVE MONEY (Act like you don't do that... I dare you. Much shit as ya'll talk about Black folks who 'have money'. Nigga please..) or don't have money. The TOTAL DISREGARD THAT BOTH OF THOSE SECTS have for those of us who are in 'the middle'. Who are neither rich nor poor which is a great some. Think MJ in 'Wanna Be Starting Something' as a reference..

" Too high to get over. Yeah yeah...too low to get under....yeah yeah..You're stuck in the middle...." 

Make sense now? Good. If not, ask your 'go to smart person' to break it down for you. I tried. 

Yeah those white folks must sit back and have QUITE THE CHUCKLE at us when we have those discussions like the one that was going on London's TL . I know I would as I watched us 'validate' some of the bullshit we do.

"Look at the dumb niggers. Fighting for respect amongst each other by NOT DENOUNCING crimes done by their own people AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Even we don't DO THAT SHIT. Sure, we 'act' appalled when folks do things but we are gonna turn in WHOEVER is fucking shit up in the community that threatens its safety and sanctity. Period.

You think we could get away with putting up a 'Stop Snitching' sign on one of those Clear Channel billboards or would that be too obvious? Naw...let them keep spreading the word. They will do our job for us. Kill each other, keep the cops OCCUPIED 'doing their job' while NOBODY TALKS and they won't ACTIVELY pursuing getting better. Let 'em 'talk about getting better..We aren't worried. They are too busy kicking each OTHER DOWN IN THE CRAB BARREL to worry about on a whole... The ones up here with us are okay though. We can deal with them. Those 'others'? Let them suffer... " - The very white people WHO ARE IN POWER who some of ya'll LOVE who secretly hate you.

Survival is survival @ the 'excuse' some of you are gonna cite as to why you do what you do. No problem with that. Survive. I got it. At some point though, you have to understand the DAMAGE that does. George Zimmerman's dumb ass 'claimed he wanted to survive' when he shot Trayvon. We didn't believe him now did we? Why should I believe you then when I see you doing or supporting mentalities about crimes that are hurting OUR COMMUNITY? Why shouldn't I be just as adamant about YOU? Because you are black? Nigga please. If I got in some of ya'lls way and you had to 'gun me down', you'd do it without thinking twice. I don't go around pretending to care about those that don't care about me all because I am 'positive' by nature. Nope. Sorry. Supporting 'not turning in your brother' or MORE IMPORTANTLY NOT TRYING TO GET HIM TO DO IT HIMSELF FOR HIS OWN SAFETY IS ASININE. Sorry. You can't 'make that man 'do anything' but you would be remiss and not 'being his keeper at all' by cosigning a BIGGER MISTAKE by running when the time comes that the authorities find out. 'Cause if it 'got back to you' that your sibling did the crime, there's a REASON FOR THAT. The cops ALREADY KNOW. Somebody 'already snitched.' For some 'street smart people', ya'll aren't very smart. That kinda warning is the 'Shit, I done set the wheels in motion so let me at least warn him/her so they don't suspect I said shit' thing folks do. Which is ANOTHER POST within itself...smh If you get word your sibling did a crime from 'the Streets" then you should assume 'THE STREETS' have already sold your sibling out the window. No honor in upholding any 'honor' them at that point IMO. Ya'll keep on though. Do your thing... Keep on giving a shit about folks who don't give ONE FUCK ABOUT YOU.  @ the folks whose respect you want. I'll keep my sibling 'alive' thank you. "Cause I know that once the 'law' gets involved, there is a HIGH CHANCE he might get shot if he SNEEZES wrong at a cop. I don't want that for him. I'm not TRYING TO BURY HIM, PUT HIM ON A T-SHIRT and mourn him. I want him alive and well. I want his kids to see him. Even if they don't 'shoot him', they will put him UNDER THE JAIL for running. Again..I don't want that either. He clearly already did something that is going to get him locked up. If I am his 'keeper', I'd advise him/her to do the thing that would get him the least amount of time/keeps him out of danger. That's just common sense. As usual though, common sense just isn't that common I see.....

*Not all white folks or folks of non color are out to get us btw. I know that. Clearly there are some that STILL ARE THOUGH. You folks TALK ABOUT THEM DAILY! I also have seen them with my own eyes..