Friday, April 27, 2012

(Video) @MeekMill X @RickyRozay at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, Delaware..

Rick and Meek held it down. Good stage presence, crowd interaction and they actually did their verses live. DJ MalcGeez keep shit moving. Crowd participation was high. Can't ask for more than that a show. I've seen both artists perform in the past and I can honestly say they BOTH have gotten better with their perspective performances. It was 'loud' in there, as expected and despite the Instagram pic I put up, believe me, it was packed. You can see that from the videos below though. Nice treat for the area kids and fans of Meek and Rick, especially with Meek being from a place that is only 30 mins away on a bad day.

Meek even went into some 'regional' hits that you couldn't HELP but know if you lived in the area and you didn't live under a rock. Nice touch by him.*

Highlight of the Night? - When MalcGeez was just 'spinning Meek's hits, with the lights on and MEEK JUST CAME BURSTING OUT ON STAGE OUTTA NOWHERE.. Caught a lot of folks off guard. House lights on and all and here comes the two headliners, mid verse, spitting their parts.

*Normally I am down on the floor for these type of shows but I wanted to see what it was hitting for up top. See the whole scene. Not a bad experience... Honestly.