Monday, April 23, 2012

(Words) Dear Folks Who Want to The World to use 'The Rooney Rules' in their dating lives 'cause your Life sucked..

The Internet is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE. Lets make NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT. I enjoy being on it. I enjoy meeting new folks, some that think JUST LIKE ME AND SOME WHO DO NOT. I THOROUGHLY ENJOY IT. I want to make that clear 'cause if I did not enjoy it, I wouldn't be on it to the extent that I am. Of course that part of the Internet is NOT what I am here to speak on today. I mean, what would be the fun in that? (Don't answer that...the one day I DO GET ON HERE TO DO JUST THAT THOUGH, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY COMPLAINTS.. )

Everyone, RIGHTFULLY has something that they believe in STRONGLY. While I think that it is a GREAT THING even if I don't necessarily agree with what they believe in, I am NOT A FIRM BELIEVER IN 'Stand for something or you will fall for anything.'. Why?

'Cause a lot of you stand for BULLSHIT that's why! Which in turn is JUST AS BAD IF NOT WORSE THAN STANDING FOR NOTHING AT ALL. @ you pushing bullshit agendas and spreading it like it is the gospel. That's why. Standing for 'bullshit' just for the sake of standing for 'something' is probably one of the biggest COP OUTS 'we' (my people) perpetuate on this Earth. I abhor it but it isn't my 'call' to choose what you stand for. Just know that if it is 'my respect' you want, that isn't the way to get it. *

Back on topic though as far as the people one might meet on the Internet. There are folks out here FIGHTING FOR GOOD THINGS EVERY DAY. They have some FANTASTIC CAUSES. Equal rights for blacks. For minorities. For WOMEN. Justice this. Equality that. Making sure folks aren't reduced to a fetish....(record scratch)... read that right. There are folks out here who are ADAMANT about folks being able to distinguish having a preference and having something they like turn into a fetish who will hit you with it EVERY DAY B. Every day. Looking for the 'one chink in a tweet/Facebook status/blog post' that they can 'spread open' to call someone  'out' on the things that THEY LIKE. Not that they person BOUGHT THEIR 'FETISH' TO THEM PERSONALLY. Oh no! This is STRAIGHT DIGGING through the trash to find that one item that wasn't 'put in the recycle bin' type stuff. @ folks doing this. THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT TODAY LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. This particular subject is just one of THE MANY SUBJECTS that end up being 'discussed' in the manner I am about to present to you on the daily by some of the folks you may encounter on the Internet. 

So what you are saying Mr. Blogger is that if I have something that I 'believe in' I should just keep it to myself huh? I should NOT DISCUSS IT or chime in when 'what I believe' is being challenged, misconstrued, misrepresented, or I otherwise feel folks aren't 'getting it'? Is that the message you are going to send Mr. Blogger? 'Cause if so, I don't wanna.....

WHOA THERE KIMASOBE ...not what I said..

Of course you can chime in. It is a free country. You can discuss, defend, reiterate and do so to YOUR HEART'S CONTENT. Just understand this though. Some of you are FAR TOO JUDGMENTAL AND OVERBEARING WITH THAT SHIT and in turn YOU ARE GOING TO GET HEAT returned at you.

Look, I get that whatever 'cause/movement/etc' that you are out here in these social media tweets is PERSONAL for a lot of you. Some of you have even admitted as such. That is human nature. Understandable. Some of you take it too far though. @ the personal attacks I have seen you make on others. I don't follow a lot of you because of it (and vice versa as I have told many of you who will probably get your hands on this about yourselves on MORE than one occasion.) Shit is annoying.

Take for example the 'light skin'/damm near white thing'/interracial dating horse ya'll love to beat to death on the TL...For some of you , SHIT WAS REAL IN THE FIELD. You weren't getting 'chose' 'cause Becky & Stephanie were the flavor. You missed out on the 8th Grade Dinner Dance 'cause Qwon took Lightskinned  Keisha with the grey eyes and curly hair after chasing you down the Summer before to make 'that alone time ya'll had' special. Prom sucked because the star athlete you used to TUTOR so that HE COULD PLAY BALL, didn't ask you to Prom and went with ......(You know her name...) I GET IT. We ALL GET IT. That nigga wasn't SHIT. He did you wrong in some capacity (According to you anyway...) . SO DID EVERY OTHER BOY (girl) WHO NEVER CHOSE YOU. It happened. Nobody is DENYING that you were hurt by that. Here's the thing though..

WE DIDN'T DO IT. They did. As a result.....Since we know we really didn't do shit to you, no one person in their RIGHT MIND IS GOING TO GIVE YOU THE POWER TO BASICALLY DICTATE THAT THEY....

 'Rooney Rule'**   THEIR DATE/FB LIFE TO APPEASE YOU.  Fuck I look like, justifying SHIT to you over some shit I DIDN'T DO TO YOU? You have some nerve out here. I look like a stone cold idiot doing that. Take that shit back to the mofo who hurt you or got @ 'him' (her) or some shit. Leave good folks alone outchea. I didn't do shit to you. The folks on your TL didn't do anything to you. It was the folks in the past who did it. Go SEE THEM ABOUT IT. Or get on a couch and get some help. Shit. Nobody is out here about to 'interview candidates' for a job they aren't gonna get anyway. I mean how do you even decide that shit? What would be the rules on that? Is there a minimum/maximum # of young ladies one can have in the 'interview process' before it doesn't become 'playerish'. Be careful what you are wishing for out here ladies... Oh wait, I suppose if we did that then Steve's 90 day rule might...nevermind... (That's a WHOLE OTHER POST...)

 Stop running up on folks with that shit. Shit is tired. light of the fact that the 'niggas that do that wouldn't never get any of this anyway.." - You. 

What you out here crying over spilled milk that YOU WOULDN'T TOUCH WITH YOUR ENEMIES LIPS FOR ANYWAY? Riddle me that shit... 

This is coming from a DARK SKIN BLACK MAN who DEFINITELY wasn't in style during the 'Ricky Fountaine' era...So it isn't like I don't 'know what ya'll are talking about'. I won't feign ignorance. IT EXISTS. Gotta get in the game though folks and get over the past. I got over it. QUICKLY MIGHT I ADD. It is high time you did too... Who cares that you 'can't stand dudes that think dating a 'such and such' is an upgrade? Fuck you really gonna do about it? Date ALL OF THEM IF THEY DECIDE TO DATE YOU? No. You aren't. You will just find some other reason on your Kameela's*** ass list to write them off for anyway. So what is the big deal and why are you shoving that shit in folks face....DAILY?

It is even more hilarisad when I see folks who 'fit the stereotypes' denouncing it AND...AND... WAIT FOR IT.... going at ANY AND EVERYBODY WHO THEY THINK 'FITS' THE BILL. Got a white (really any woman who isn't DARK AND BLACK) woman? Don't let this person find out 'cause all of the sudden, she is in your mentions grilling you about 'what you like about your woman' like she REALLY FUCKING INTERESTED in ANY ANSWER YOU GIVE. Why? She has already made up her mind that you have 'fetish' tendencies and is waiting for you to say those famous words..

" I like her because she is different.." 

You could type in 'She is different in that she likes the things I like..." and the ONLY WORD HOMEGIRL is going to see is 'different'. Then you will get 'told about yourself' as she RTs you up and down her TL for all of her 'supporters' to come in to cosign with the 'See..I hate folks who do this....Why can't you just..." This is the BULLSHIT right

Here's the kicker..The very 'self hate' tag that folks like that THROW AROUND LIKE A DIRTY DISHRAG? It has permeated them. They HATE THEMSELVES. The hate is so bad that for most of them, they can't reconcile the fact that if someone likes them for their 'look' that it is OKAY. Some sad shit going on out here. @ folks looking TOO HARD FOR THE FLAW to see the flawlessness in someone's attraction to them.

So who cares if ole boy got a white girl. Or a Spanish girl. Or an Indian girl. Of if she is fucking a white dude... (Even though there isn't really much of an OUTWARD issue with that anymore to me anyway..@ the folks I know..) Fucks it mean to you REALLY? YOU WEREN'T CHECKING FOR HIM if you knew him. Hell the chances are PRETTY HIGH you were probably engaging in some 'segregation' tactics in regards to him in YOUR OWN RIGHT! @ whatever issues you had with him or folks like him. You can't be mad he/she looked elsewhere. These divisive tactics are AWFUL FAMILIAR though..Once upon a time, we were the ones getting discriminated on over silly shit. Scrutinized with a fine tooth comb for nothing. Seems we learned a lot from our oppressors. It shines through every day I tell ya...

And what is this shit I am hearing 'women' NOT LIKING TO BE CALLED 'FEMALES' and 'Men are never 'males'..'!/ArriannaMarie/status/194285182696693760

 I don't follow this person. Actually I don't even follow the person that RT'd (Dream Hampton) it which started the shit storm on my TL last night..

The discussion itself isn't the issue for me. You want to have that, COOL. Have away at it. The lies being told so that folks could 'sound right' was what kinda threw me off. It was the 'tone' it took as it got RT'D up and down my TL. The finger pointing started. The 'you have no right to speak on it' shit started. Folks became REALLY STANDOFFISH about it in one breath but STAYED QUESTIONING WHY IT COULDN'T BE 'DISCUSSED'. Hmmm, I wonder why... @ the attacking tone of the conversation. It was an ambush. Good to see that one male (oops...I addressed him as a male..I must NOW BE STONED TO DEATH AS IT COULD BE SEEN AS DEROGATORY..FOH with that shit..) spoke up on the fact that we DO IN FACT get addressed as 'males' all the time in a NEGATIVE fashion. By OURSELVES NO LESS... Here are some more examples though in case you feel like his experience is akin to seeing a pot of Gold or something..

 She said NEVER.. The argument isn't who has it 'worse' so don't come pulling that card over here. She said NEVER. Never doesn't mean some of the time, it means NEVER. Tell her to choose her words better next time.... Don't hit me with the 'You know what she meant..' either 'cause this ARTICLE HERE DOES SHOW MALES aren't seen positively at all a vast majority of the time (and sometimes with good reason honestly.)  so even if it is 'WORSE' or the struggle HAS been longer, there is a REAL STRUGGLE GOING ON RIGHT NOW THAT IS AFFLICTING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS IN A REAL WAY as well. The 'view of the relationship of a Father' as it pertains to being in his child's Life according to the court of law. **** Come into the courtroom down in the count. @ the 'male'.

In particular this passage...

The research shows almost 70 per cent of social commentary on the male gender is unfavourable – portraying men as violent, sexually abusive, unable to be trusted with children, "deadbeat dads" and commitment-phobic.
In the largest Australian study of its kind, Dr Jim Macnamara analysed more than 2000 media articles and programs and found men were mostly positioned as villains, aggressors, perverts or philanderers.
Yes, well, any women's magazine will tell you that.
Male-bashing is a vital part of female bonding; it brings us together, gives us a common point of reference as well as something to complain about.
And the much maligned male so thoughtfully gives us so much material to choose from.
Affectionate bitching is one thing – the male bashing is now taking a more serious turn where boys are growing up in a world where they are faced with a distinct lack of role models.
According to Dr Macnamara, even the positive images of men in the media are delivered as a backhanded compliment with there being only one version of the "good men"; the sensitive metrosexual who is in touch with his feminine side.
Not much to choose from really; the unemotional, aggressive commitment freak or the moisturised, dithering doormat.
The media's limiting rendering of men is alarming says the University of Western Sydney academic because social policy works hand in hand with social stereotyping.
"Legislation is developed by government and largely driven by what is being said in society – it is already beginning to affect social policy if you look at child access and child custody issues.
"There is overwhelming discourse that men cannot be trusted with children – there is a lot of concern about men being alone in the company of a child."
Despite the tide of opinion positioning men as the perpetrators of crime, Dr Macnamara says when it comes to violence against children – women are often responsible.
"What we are doing is creating a society that believes 90 to 95 per cent of violence is committed by men and it's not true," he says.
"Research shows violence against children is more often committed by women – I'm not trying to push the blame back to women. I'm saying that as a society we need to look at the image that we are creating for young boys."

So ya'll were saying again? Oh... @ men aren't ever looked at in a 'negative light' when the term 'male' is used.. You sure? I know many of you WHO HAVE WENT AGAINST THAT STATEMENT WHEN DISCUSSING YOUR HOMEBOY'S CUSTODY BATTLES.

Ya'll kill me out here. Some celeb RTs some shit, in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONTEXT than the one you tried to frame it in on YOUR TL and NOBODY is supposed to say shit? FOH...

As the song goes..

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*My respect isn't valued at any more than any other person's respect by the way. I'm not as pompous as some of you to believe that somehow, my respect will garner you this 'Worldly pass' into this mythical 'underworld' that some many of you clamor to be a part of....-_- . That wasn't said with any 'airs'. @ my respect.  So if you aren't seeking it, I'm not 'hurt'. Just as you shouldn't be if you don't fool with me and I am not seeking your 'respect'. I made the statement because so often, that is what I hear out of folks mouth...'I just want respect..folks don't have to like me but they will respect me.." That's not respect then. Respect is begat out of admiration. Not out of fear or dislike. I could give you the just due you deserve AND STILL NOT RESPECT YOU. Trust me. I've done it. The minute I could 'bury' someone who felt like that, I HAVE. You don't do things like that to folks you 'respect'...ya dig? Some of you need to stop niggarizing words and learn their TRUE MEANINGS..

**The Rooney Rule, established in 2003,[1] requires National Football League teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching and senior football operation opportunities. It is often cited as an example of affirmative action. The Rule was established to ensure that minority coaches, especially African Americans, were considered for high-level coaching positions. Until 1979, Fritz Pollard was the only minority head coach in NFL history (which was during the league's early years in the 1920s) and by the time the Rule was implemented, only Tom Flores, Art Shell, Dennis Green, Ray Rhodes, Tony Dungy, and Herman Edwards had ever held head coaching jobs (Only Dungy and Edwards were actively head coaching at the time of the Rule's implementation, though Shell and Green would later return to the sidelines as head coaches). Dungy in particular had struggled for years before getting a head coaching job; he was often promoted as a head coaching candidate by Chuck Noll when Dungy was an assistant under Noll in the 1980s with the Steelers, but he would not become a head coach until 1996 when he took over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

***Never heard of Kameelah? Real World Boston.. Here's a GREAT POST ON IT..

****Not that every DAD IS OUT HERE BEING UPSTANDING. A lot do TRY THOUGH and they don't fight through this obstacle. Same way, some Mothers intend to let their kid's Father in their child's life and....well.....LIFE gets in the way @ feelings, the need to provide, PARENTAL PRESSURE, etc, etc...