Saturday, March 31, 2012

(Pictures) @therealnyalee X w/help from @MiaBunnydotcom TEARING UP MIAMI.. Candids..

(Cars) So apparently Allen Iverson's Bugatti has been seen...

I don't feel bad for taking their photo. They are credited and well...lets just say they've been HERE BEFORE TOO. @ THE SITE

You know, sometimes, I want to act like some of you are as smart as you claim to be. Then you do shit like type in 'Does Allen Iverson have a Bugatti even though he is 'broke'' into your Google (whatever search engine you use) search to see and it fucks all of that up. Ya'll act like:

A. Bugatti JUST STARTED MAKING CARS... (Just because your favorite rapper introduced to the car maker doesn't mean they just 'came into existence'..

B. He really was 'broke' in the first place..Sounds like you wanted him to be broke to me.. @ all the questioning.

C. His 'broke' is your kind of broke. There's a difference.. Trust me.

D. The man doesn't own OTHER LUXURY CARS BESIDES THE BUGATTI IN QUESTION. (Who in Philly remembers that BEAUTIFUL BENTLEY (Blue) that he used to roll around the Tri-State area in or the GT that he bought on his birthday in '07?)

Here he was in Atlanta in September.... of last year... two Lambos..

In January in the ANOTHER LAMBO..

You get the picture? I'm a lit tired of ya'll out here not putting things into 'perspective' for one and for two, believing EVERY THING NEGATIVE you read about someone. lol Ya'll are gonna get enough though I suppose. Let that man live. Shit.