Wednesday, February 29, 2012

(Audio) @mrdontrip "Trapped" Produced by @therealsap #GUERRILLA

(Audio) Final Installment of Mr. Cee's Black Fist Friday Series.. Q-Tip...

(Video) @Gillie_Da_Kid X Chicken Man X @DJDrama (Prod. by @therealsap) shot by @HighDEPinition

Gillie has a Drama tape coming. Look out for it.


I see you Sap and Dep! ... More moves being made..

(Video) @vali X Polaroid (produced by @therealsap)

Checkout Vali Online:

(Picture) All of Black Twitter might go get a passport.. Austria makes a 'Deep fried' McRib sandwich..smh

McRib pork, bacon, pepper-Jack cheese, iceberg lettuce, red onion, honey-mustard sauce and spicy sweet chili sauce.

You have until March 27th to make it over though. Knowing how much the McDonalds over on this side of the pond cares about America's health as a whole, I FULLY EXPECT IT TO BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSUMPTION here soon...

Woman arraigned for pouring faeces on her husband's mistress

The Police in Akure, yesterday Tuesday Feb 28th, arraigned a 28-year-old woman, Folashade Babatunde before an Akure Senior Magistrate’s Court for allegedly pouring faeces on Agnes Olasehinde, (pictured above) a 27-year-old banker with First Bank Plc, Alagbaka branch, Akure.

Around 12.30 pm on Friday February 24th, Sade Babatunde entered the bank with a polythene bag full of faeces packaged in a can and allegedly poured the content on Miss Agnes, who was attending to customers, before security guards could stop her. When Sade was arrested, she accused Agnes of dating her husband.

Folashade Babatunde, a trader and Higher National Diploma student at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo in Ondo State was docked  on a two-count charge of act likely to cause breach of peace and assault. The accused pleaded not guilty to the two charges and was granted bail. The case was adjourned till March 27, for hearing.

14 year old boy shoots his mother to death

                                            Joshua Smith                                  Tamiko Robinson

A 14-year-old boy from
Detroit, Joshua Smith, in the early hours of Monday morning, shot his mother, 36 year old Tamiko Robinson, at least ten times as she slept on the couch, his uncle told reporters after the teenager was arrested.

The teen
was said to be angry that his mother had tried to keep him off the streets and away from a gang.

Smith's uncle
LeShaun Roberts, told Fox Detroit News the teen had wanted to 'hang with the big boys' - gang members in their twenties - but when his mother said no he ran away to relatives. But Robinson, a dialysis patient, who was battling lupus, went after her son and insisted he came home, angering the youngster.According to the uncle, Joshua broke into his step dad's room, got a twelve gauge and brutally murdered his mother while she slept on the couch in their home.

Joshua's five-year-old sister and step dad, were in the home at the time and were forced to jump out of a low window to escape the gunfire. 

Smith was arrested soon after the shooting. He had reportedly been driving around in his mother's car.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Erykah Badu Banned in Malaysia for writing the name of "Allah" on her bare shoulders

This is the picture of Erykah Badu with the word Allah written on her bare shoulders which touched off a firestorm in Muslim-majority Malaysia...

Erykah Badu was supposed to perform in Kuala Lumpur today Wednesday Feb 29th but the concert was abruptly canceled on order of the Communications and Culture Minister, who said
"With the graphic exhibition of "Allah" on the body of the singer, it is sufficient to warrant irrefutable religious controversies from among Muslims who disdain such practice. The committee's decision to disallow the entertainer to perform publicly is in our view justified."
Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and co know their boundery o...... Dont f

Popular Actor, James "Gringory" Iroha of New Masquerade dies at 70

Veteran broadcaster, actor and creator of the famous New Masquerade, James Iroha popularly known as Gringory is dead. He died yesterday February 28, 2012 at the age of 70 years after a protracted illness. May his soul rest in peace...amen!

(Words/hip hop) So once again, ya'll are 'disappointed' with the 2012 Freshman Class by XXL....

Color me SURPRISED over here..

I just don't get it. By it I mean, why do you guys hold up hope, year after year, that something that has SO MANY PEOPLE DECIDING ITS FATE, is going to turn out a certain way? Do you LIKE pounding your head against the proverbial brick wall? Is that?

 I mean, by ALL ACCOUNTS, YOU ALL HAVE PRETTY MUCH ADMITTED THAT THE MAGAZINE (AND COUNTLESS NUMBERS LIKE IT) ARE NOTHING MORE THAN 'PUPPETS'/'PAWNS' IN A GAME THAT MANY OF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS PLAY. I see some artists are tweeting that they 'turned them down' too 'cause it was a bad look to be on the list. Yeah..'cause Meek Mill was on the list and...nevermind...

Look, if you want to be underground, then don't be out here in these Twitter streets getting mad 'cause the 'overground' didn't shout you out. That is moronic. Especially when you are out 'discrediting the list' to begin with. Which many an underground rapper tends to do. Not ALL...many. If your words/feelings for XXL are coming from a place where you feel as though YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THAT LIST, the BEST REMEDY FOR THAT IS...

Make music that forces them to pay attention to you and in turn, makes them come to you. That's it.


(video) Maya Rudolph.. Oprah skit that wasn't aired on SNL

(Vote) @LittlePru is up for a contest..(Throws his vote in there)

Here's why.. @ my vote..(Moved it up to 18.5 of the vote for her..)  Visit her Tumblr when you get a chance..

Nigerian man sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug trafficking

Eric flanked by Malaysian police
A 34 year old Nigerian man was yesterday February 27th, sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug trafficking offences he committed two years ago.

Eric Chimezie Oluigbo was arrested while trying to distribute 22,159 grammes of cannabis at a traffic light in Napoh, Malaysia, on the morning of September 1, 2010.

He was charged under Section 39 (B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 of Malaysia which carries a mandatory death penalty upon conviction.

Photos of Lady shot by ex lover Police officer

 Read full story here