Thursday, April 26, 2012

2face Idibia Opens Up On His Choice Of Annie Macaulay As Wife


In a recent exclosive interview with the Encomium Magazine, one of Nigerian finest and most gifted music act, 2face Idibia revealled to the reporter the secrete behind his choice of Annie Macaulay as wife. Read the details here as reported by the Encomium Magazine...

Let's talk about your romance with
Annie, whats the plan for the marriage?

2face: I can't talk about that now but
don't worry, when the IV is ready, I
will surely send you one.

But how did you arrive at settling down
with Annie Macaulay out of all the

2face: I don't know o (Smiles)

At least tell us one particular quality you
see in her

2face: I say I don't know nah!

Okay, but how does it feel that your
sixth child has arrived?

2face: We thank the Lord

Tell us what is special about your

2face: No comment, but I will say
nobody special pass. Everybody is
special (referring to the other women)