Sunday, April 29, 2012

(Chat Series) @Carolinaware's Own The Chat Series with @TANlAAA

Back with another installment. Been awhile..

We are back here at Carolinaware's Own The Warehouse with the Chat Series. This time we are going to take a DIFFERENT APPROACH TO THE SERIES. Oh it is still going to be an interview trust me. This one is going to get a little 'dirty' well as dispel some shit, probably 'ignite' some shit and just...well..BE THE SHIT...

She one of my favorite follows on Twitter as she is a straight shooter like me. We GO WAY WAY BACK in this Internet shit which we will get into PRETTY QUICKLY in the Interview.

She is a former 2 X Chromosome of the Week here. She is HEAVY out here on Twitter if you use it like that. Some of you have seen her tweets glide across your TL once or twice. Hell, some of you either love her, hate her or don't know enough truth to do either. We are going to fix SOME OF THAT today hopefully. So keep scrolling down, 'cause I know you are interested as if you weren't you would not have clicked the link, and dig in to this latest installment of 'The Chat Series' with Carolinaware... 

Carolinaware = Bold text
Tania = Lets see just how smart some of you really are or if you are as smart as you mouth off to be on Twitter.

CW- Evening ma'am. We are gonna get RIGHT TO IT.. Tell the good folks how old you are, your ACTUAL NATIONALITY/RACE/WHATEVER FOLKS WANT TO CALL IT (Yes, Mr./Mrs Know It All, we ALL KNOW THERE IS A CORRECT TERM. Calm that shit down right now though..@ some of you), WEIGHT and location.. *
Age: 22

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Height: 5'4ish

HA! This is where the mystery comes to an end... I'm 175

Hometown/location: Milwaukee, WI

(Blogger's note) Shit just got real no? @ the information. I know....keep reading though...Stand up woman I tell you. Salute to HER FOR ANSWERING THAT QUESTION.

CW- First of all, we have a lil history so we are gonna just CUT TO THE CHASE OF THAT REALLY QUICK.

Were you on Crushspot? (Of course I know the answer but yeah..) Let the folks know.. Reason I ask is because I think that is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that you have 'experience' at this 'Internet shit'.

T- YES! My first name on there was _sl0re and then I changed it to simple ass 'tania.'

CW- The good ole days. What up Vern? (Founder of Crushspot who lived out in Vegas. Shoutout to the homie who branched off with Paxed too. I see you out here in these Twitter streets cuh.). Lot of alums ALL OVER TWITTER/TUMBLR from that spot. These 'new niggas out here acting like they 'invented the Internet' or ANY OF THIS SHIT they are doing is new though. 2001 says Hello. So this isn't your 'first' Internet' experience like it is for some of these new niggas out here?

T- Naaah. I've been around since the AOL days, actually. I got a couple years under my belt. Lol

CW- Same here. Hence the words I just gave in the last response.. Straight no chaser question next... Do you have a man? I mean again, you answer this all the time but cats are dense out this bitch so LETS JUST PUT THAT SHIT OUT THERE as of today...

No sir, I do not. I am currently speaking to someone, though. ;)

CW- I guess this is the part where I am supposed to ask if he is on Twitter huh? Nope. Not gonna do it. You will let folks know THAT ONE when you (or him) are ready. Lotta smoke talk on your daily feed too. Tell me something....Are you REALLY OUT HERE SMOKING SOMETHING every SINGLE DAY like you tweet? Cats wanna know..

T- Fuck yeah I am. I smoke every day of the week. No reason for me to lie. It's how I stay sane on twitter! Lol

CW- Aight..we have asked some PRETTY BASIC QUESTIONS albeit one that NOBODY PROBABLY THOUGHT YOU WOULD HAVE THE GUTS TO ANSWER but now lets get deep with it one time...

ARE YOU A PART OF BLACK TWITTER? Please clear this up for me. If NOT, then how is it that you ALWAYS seem to find yourself on the 'receiving end' of numerous tweets from the folks who 'are'? If you are, what is your ranking within its hierarchy? Why isn't there a Latin Twitter btw in your opinion?

T- I don't really think I'm a part of Black twitter per se (Blogger's Note: Better get your dictionary/Thesaurus out before you question the spelling..Don't get embarrassed @ questioning it...) , but a lot of the people that fuck with me would put me in that group. I wouldn't though for the simple fact that I'm not lonely, bitter, malicious, or bored with my life to even wanna be a part of that group. I'm at my own 'table'... I just feel like since I'm confident and speak my mind, a lot of people find that reason enough to not like me. But fuck it, slander is love.

CW- (Looks at the camera..Ya'll niggas entertained yet? @ that last answer) 

Without naming names, approximately how many of your followers have a 'I hate that bitch' in public/"I want you BITCH' relationship with you in your DMs? You know, sending them shots on Twitter but trying to 'take shots' at the pussy?

T- Lord, there's A LOT. It's mostly the niggas that I use to fuck with but ended up not talking anymore that are the most bitter. It's a pattern with these niggas.

CW- I can't wait to hear the 'yelping' in your TL about that ANSWER. @ the hit dogs. Welp. Next question.. This is one I see crawl through your mentions every once in awhile so I thought I would give you the platform to address it.

ARE YOU AND 'Darling Niki' (that's one 'k' you ignorant fucks...GET IT RIGHT!) sisters? Just settle this shit once and for all..RIGHT HERE..

T- LOL.  Nah we aren't related at all. As far as lovers, if she let me for one night I'd show her what I'm about! Just kidding just kidding. Love you Niki!!

CW- Are there any of your followers that you would LEGIT meet up with and smoke with? (Nothing more)
T- Man hell yeah!  I actually do that all the time. But to be honest, a good portion of the time people want something from me In return so it's hard to just chill and smoke. ;(

CW- Again, but nobody 'wants' you according to some of these niggas..:) That dispels that one. Who is your favorite RAPPER/ACTOR/CELEB that you follow on Twitter? Why?

T- Lol I don't really follow any of those to be honest besides Joe Budden. And I follow him for the thirst traps he be settin. Loooord yes!!!

CW- There you go with that honesty and shit again.. (Covers ears) I'm just fucking with you. I think we all have a 'superficial follow' or a 100...Fuck it. Aight then, how about this...Who is your favorite 'non celeb', that you follow?

@carolinaware, @gemsdrunk @NinoBeige just to name a few.. Y'all  have always been supportive and shit when shit hits the fan on Twitter. I appreciate that a lot because I don't have many people there for me when shit like that happens. I really do love y'all.

CW-  I guess I should say I didn't prompt you to say that shit but these skeptical ass niggas.....You know what? Fuck 'em though. Thank you for that. I appreciate that. For real. You know me. I don't conform. Not in my nature. At all. I don't give a fuck WHO it is. So anytime I see that in someone else, I gravitate towards it. You are always good money over here. EVEN WHEN WE DISAGREE.. (Shocking...people really do that and can still be cool. What a concept? You niggas should try it sometime.. Here's another one I noticed. You KEEP A BAD YOUNG LADY IN THAT TL OVER THERE. I mean they are a FLOCK OF 'EM. How is it that you seem to have ALL OF THOSE SEXY LADIES following you on Twitter?

T- I'M A CHICK MAGNET DUUUUUH. LOL But nah, pretty chicks always attract other pretty chicks. I'm just blessed to have them on my team.

CW- 'Cause I walk like a Pimp and talk like a Mack...@ that answer. I love it. Aight lets get into the next part: 

The body and what it might 'do':

Tell me WHAT your favorite part of YOUR body is? Tell me what the folks who AREN'T HIDING BEHIND THE MASK OF A COMPUTER who SEE YOU IN PERSON tell you they like the best about your features?

T- My thighs, no doubt about that. They're so soft and awesome like pillows. Lol  People love me from head to toe though for real. The most features people compliment are my eyes, my smile, and of course my BUTT! ;)

CW- Oh WE HERE AT Carolinaware's Own KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT LOVE.. I still remember the numbers your post did when folks found out there was an ass shot of you on here.. All types of different IP addresses showing up on the Stat Tracker that day boy let me tell ya.. we have to talk about your movement. Don't coy on me now either... 

Tell me in DETAIL why you are such a staunch advocate of the 'Eat the butt' program? Matter of fact, for those of who may be 'ignorant' to the movement, take this time to go on ahead and BREAK IT DOWN FOR 'EM..

T- Man listen, that shit feels amazing. It's like heaven when a nigga makes out with the bootyhole. I've actually came off the act. And for those who think a nigga gotta stick his whole tongue in the ass, naw. He ain't got to. He can just lick around it, massage/Flick it with his tongue ;) that's how I like it, actually.

CW- (BALLOON KNOT!! - Phontigallo) Now that's how you fucking answer a question. From now on, THAT'S HOW YOU ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS ON TWITTER...Oh do...My bad... Aight next question... niggas KNOW IT IS REAL... On AVERAGE, how many SERIOUS offers do you get from your followers to 'join the Eat the butt' program by making a 'personal umm...'donation' to the program?

T- Lol COUNTLESS! I don't like to brag but my DMs and mentions really do stay packed with the requests. It's always nice to see that I have men willing to do anything to eat my butt lol

CW- (Birdman hand rubs) If you EVER have any issues with cats acting up...nevermind..we can sidebar about alladat later... Next question! Do you have any piercings besides in your ear?

T- Yes, my lip, and my hood. Nipples coming soon!

CW- Well now... That sounds...Focus Carolinaware..focus nigga..... Aight since we are already down and dirty with it outchea....Sloppy mouth only or sloppy with the hands and the mouth?
T- It wouldn't be right if I wasn't getting sloppy with my hands involved too!

CW- If you aren't getting sloppy you aren't doing it right.. @ my motto. I fucks with it. Even though I don't smoke, COUNTLESS NUMBERS of my blog followers (and your followers do too) DO SMOKE So this next question is for them... Smoked out session or weed free?

T- Smoked out session EVERY DAY.

CW- Bikini or one piece? 

T- Bikini most definitely.

CW- Best beach you have EVER BEEN TO?

T- Culebra Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico. Beautiful place. The water is crystal clear.

CW- Give me three spots in your town that if I visit, I HAVE TO GO TO EAT AT.

T- Sobelmans Tallgrass, Mazos, and Kopps. All burger joins that have amazing burgers.

CW- This next one is important. I see you tweet it often but I have to ask you.....Are THE 'PICTURES' that you receive REALLY SAFE WITH YOU? @ you not leaking flicks...
T- Yes they are. I've never leaked anyone's pics and I don't plan on it. If I was that person I couldve been exposed half the niggas that come at me on a daily basis. But I'm chillin. I'm too cool for that. ;)

CW- Stunt on playgirl...Stunt on.. @ you shining on niggas right now.. Same ones probably doing the dissing. Is it really 'just Twitter' for some of the folks you follow or this shit just a bit more in YOUR OBSERVATION?

T- It's never 'just twitter' ... These people out here fucking their followers, catching feelings, and having babies with em. Fuck all that 'it's just twitter' shit. It's still real life

CW- Tell these motherfuckers ONE MORE FUCKING TIME PLEASE... Aight, we are about to go a little deeper..Have you ever been 'propositioned' to be flown out by one of your followers? Would you go?

T- Oh of course. A couple of my followers want me in their city, but to be honest I don't take these niggas seriously. They just be talking. Making it sound good.

CW- Duly noted and good to hear. I see ya'll out here too. Putting your bids in. I ain't mad at cha- Pac. Aight LAST QUESTION...  Would you be open to a 'Tweet up' of some sorts involving your 'safe' followers? (Obviously not the assholes 'cause..well...they are

T- Yeah I would. I'm all about having a good ass time. Smokin and drinking. No drama. Hell yeah I'd be down for that!!

CW- THANK YOU LOVE for putting up with my questions... I appreciate that. Hopefully, we put some bullshit to rest today, INFORMED SOME FOLKS and put others on notice outchea with this..

T- It was definitely not a problem doing this for your blog. You know im a big supporter so ill do anything for you & the blog. I just thank you for giving me the web space to show people who i really am in a way. I appreciate that. So Thank YOU! ;) ❤

* NOW YOU KNOW WE MUST BE COOL. I love her for that. @ revealing her weight. Secure woman right there. Fuck what you heard.