Monday, May 7, 2012

(Mixtape) @MeekMill X Hosted by @DJDrama X Dreamchasers 2

 See my homie @therealsap prod. #18 (Real)

On of course.. (Where Meek is a legend..)

I won't try to change your mind if you say you don't 'like Meek' but I won't feign like 'I understand'. He can spit.. Don't know what else ya'll want outchea... This whole thing goes. @ the tape. I'm digging it. I see the growth in him as an artist as well as some of his 'visions' coming to light. I've heard folks say he only talks about 'one thing'. You aren't listening hard enough... What you want is 'in there' but you have to listen.... Listen harder man..

Cat came a LONG WAY... He was on the rise when I sat down with him and now he is HUGE and he has improved his craft. A lot. Hats off to him...

Here is an alternate link... Just in case DatPiff isn't working..