Saturday, May 12, 2012

(Interview) @JermainePaul..winner of #TheVoice X Interview with Access Hollywood

Those of you who follow my main account may have seen me tweet about that show from time to time. I didn't always 'weigh in' publicly on it but I KEPT A CLOSE EYE ON IT all the time. He was my favorite to win it all from the beginning. (It is in those Tweets somewhere..go find it if you must have confirmation) due to his VOICE AND HIS EXPERIENCE. I DEFINITELY think it would have been a disappointment to me if he had not performed well enough to win.

Not that he was the only one on the show with talent. Hell no. I know folks saying that the runner up should have won... I won't 'argue' that. Not because I 'can't' but rather it is their opinion. Mine just happens to differ and I don't argue 'opinions'. That is pointless.  There was some TALENT on that show. He faced some HEAD UP a little earlier than I think even The Voice's folks would have like in hindsight.. (Those of you who watched the show, you KNOW THE EARLY ELIMINATION round I'm talking about...That should have been a 'Finals' type of thing...) Anyway..congratulations to him. Lets see if this parlays into something bigger for Jermaine. I hope it does.