Monday, May 14, 2012

(Picture/link) Well....looks like @Wankaego has a pretty dope site she just started.


It is probably odd to some of you* that I would put HER SITE UP ON MY BLOG. It shouldn't be though. I support her and her endeavors. Besides, she isn't the only person I blog about that has their own site and I tend to do 'aight'. Ya dig? Go check out her BEAUTIFUL site. Don't be a stranger there either. Go back and visit it. Between here and there, you will get all that you need of Theresa "Wankaego' Runyon. 'Cause I'm not gonna stop posting up stuff about her..Enjoy..

*That was preemptive. Don't question what I do. You do what you do. @ all the 'hiding of the models names and the like that some of you pull... It is funny to me actually.