Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Know Marriages Don't Last These Days But I Need Another Man - Shan George

Shan George
In a recent interview with news men, popular and controversial nollywood artress, Shan George revealed her desire for a man in her life. Here is a n excerpt from the interview:
"My husband left me for someone else. There are a lot of women their husbands leave for someone else, I don’t think I am the only one. I married as an adult to a man that I saw and liked, and believed in my mind that I had seen someone I want to be with.
I spent four years of my life with him and the person decided to walk out, and move on with another woman, I don’t think I should be carrying matchet pursing people for that. He found another woman and decided to move on with his life".

Having been disappointed in marriage twice, would you still give marriage a chance?
I think so; I think there are still good men despite what we women say about men being this or that. I have seen a lot of men staying married to their wives and becoming good husband to their wives and good fathers to their children. So I think there are a lot of good men, out there, women should not because of what happened in a particular affair keep judging men as being all bad. If you had a relationship and it did not go down well, don’t use that to spoil the next one. So I am sure I will meet a good man out there someday. There should be a lot waiting for your yes or no - I have not seen a man yet, that is just the truth.