Tuesday, May 1, 2012

(Chat Series: 'Regular Folks' Edition' with @bootyliziousBBJ

Saturday night change..... @ lead picture...

Man..let me preface this by saying this little bit. If I had a nickel for EVERY TIME SOMEONE HAS ASKED ME ALL THE INFORMATION THAT I AM ABOUT TO REVEAL ON LIZ through this interview, I would be filthy out here. You hear me? So this isn't just a case of 'Oh let me put her up here 'cause she has a PHAT ASS'...It is a case of 'Hey dawg, what's good with ole girl (insert request for whatever information I got asked for here) from THE READERS AND MY FOLLOWERS. The demand is THERE. Trust me. Ya'll know how I am. I am preemptive. I don't wait....I answer and keep it moving. Hence how I 'found' her. So you clicked on here to find out more about her eh? Well shit, don't complain she is up here..

Keep scrolling and READ ALL ABOUT HER.. Shit... 

CW = Carolinaware (That's me for you slow niggas outchea...) 
Liz = BBJ (That's her...)

CW- Lets just jump right into this gal.. Let's keep it basic for a second and start with your 'vitals'. 

 -- 21

-- 5 foot even

Weight (approx)
-- I'm like 120-130ish.. :)

Nationality (This one is HOTLY DEBATED. I've had cats SWEAR YOU ARE MIXED WITH SOMETHING!)
 -- Italian & polish

CW- Lets talk about what you do professionally. Can speak on what it is you do NOW and what it is you  'want' to do later on life...you know...any goals that you would like to achieve in Life?

Liz -- I'm a school aged site assistant, which means I watch children before & after school. I'm a current nursing student at Del Tech going into pediatric cardiology , hopefully. When it comes to goals I want to be a nurse, a wife, a mother & happy. That sums it up. 

CW- Now you know Of COURSE WE ARE GONNA MENTION THE SPORTS TEAM you like. That was one of the things that ORIGINALLY got you on the blog. The music you like. Where you are from 'roughly' @ state/city.....
 Liz -- STEELERS ALL FUCKING DAY. Lolol , I listen to everything. From top 40 to hip hop, rock, pop, 80s hair band music, heavy metal, r&b, country. No jazz or screamo music. And I'm from Newark, Delaware.

CW- (Chuckles @ no 'screamo' music..) Hilarity.. Okay so now I think we ALL KNOW what everyone else thinks are your best 'assets', what about you? What would you say? Then of course you can go ahead and reaffirm for those who only know you from the 'Internet' that the love for the rear is REAL outchea in these streets.. 

 Liz-- my best assets are my ass & eyes. I get complimented on both the most. I get the 'nice smile' compliment & compliments on my freckles lol but my eyes & rear are, I'd say, my best physical assets.

CW-  So the eyes and the ass have it? Got it. Lets move away from the questions OTHERS have asked me about you and get into one that I WANTED TO GET A SPECIFIC ANSWER ON. Well, I shouldn't say that 'cause folks have asked thIS too, just not 'out and out'. So I will ask.... I mean, I'mma keep it funky, there's a lot of that 'mirror model' talk and while I know folks don't @ you directly, I know you are part of that talk. Hell, I'm PART OF THE TALK FOR PUTTING FOLKS LIKE YOU UP ON THE BLOG to begin with.. Sometimes, folks think that people who 'take pictures' and put them up on the Net have these 'delusions of grandeur' if you will. So clear it for the folks one time. Succinctly if you will... 

Is modeling something that you are interested in?  Have you actually pursued it? 
Liz -- Modeling isn't something I'm focused on. As a child I wanted to be a model, but now it's not something I'm worried about. If given the opportunity, I'd take it without hesitation but modeling isn't where my heart is. 

CW- (Looks into the camera) Welp. That answers that shit. Guess ya'll don't have to 'worry' anymore.. For those of you who wanted to know, she seems pretty 'level headed' about the whole 'folks liking her pictures' thing*...Aight, next question Would you appear or do any video work? Music, modeling, etc, etc...
-- I would. I wouldn't go out of my way to try and get in videos or push this whole modeling thing, but if someone "wanted me" I'd probably be more than willing. 

CW- Aight Liz, this my last question... for now...What other talents do you have that folks MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT? 
Liz-- I'm very athletic. I'm not so much active, but I'm sporty & athletic when I need to be. I played softball so I have an arm. I like playing football (I can catch throw & punt) , I enjoy playing kickball, dodge ball, soccer, whiffle ball, etc with my kids at work.

Liz- I wanna answer more questions, these were good , is there anything you want me to touch on?!

CW- Ah..no wonder you are into sports..You played a little bit.. Glad you are enjoying the process. This has been fun for me as well. As for anymore questions, I have 'em but I want to know what the folks OUT THERE have to say. 

(Looks back into the camera) What say you folks? If you have any more questions, I am down for a part 2....Depends on the numbers this post does and the 'questions'. Let her know you want to know more about her.... I know a lot of you aren't into the 'comments' thing but shit..hit her up. (I've seen some of you do JUST THAT...) She is pretty open. If the questions become overwhelming... we will DO A PART 2 RIGHT HERE AND ANSWER ALL OF THEM in one shot....

*She isn't the only one that 'knows and accepts this'. That will probably be a recurring question. "Cause I HONESTLY think some of you think you are 'right' when you think these folks think they are 'ABSOLUTELY gonna be a star' off putting pictures up. Nope. I've talk to too many who don't think that. Those that 'are' even say, 'The shit just happened man...I just went with it. Fuck it." ...I look at it as one of those 'I have it now..might as well flaunt and move on from there..' kinda things. Maybe one day, ya'll will learn not to assume though....-_-

BONUS PICTURES: If you follow her on Insta, these may not be new to you..Well..then again, it depends on how long you've been following I suppose...