Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Surprise Surprise: Tashay WSHH Fight Video: Teen Arrested After Brutal Beatdown Over Twitter Beef - International Business Times

Tashay WSHH Fight Video: Teen Arrested After Brutal Beatdown Over Twitter Beef - International Business Times

I didn't put the video up 'cause well...yeah...  If you haven't seen the video, click the link up top. It is there.

Now normally this is the part where I get into the 'do better' thing AND I WILL but not just yet. You know, all day long, we 'speculated' about the happenings surrounding this event (well at least ya'll did.) I wanted to know if they had history. Turns out, they did. There was  violation of a temporary protection order, meaning, in English, even if the beef started on Twitter (which we still don't know), they had an issue prior to that. Funny thing though, the girl whose Twitter they cite in the article is kinda half heartedly entertaining the whole deal. Every 4th tweet is, 'But it wasn't me...". I've seen this movie before, if you know what I mean. @ folks taking over accounts/saying folks saying they were hacked. So we STILL don't have much confirmation from HER per say. So I don't want to speak TOO much on it (Go to her account right now. As I am typing this, she is still tweeting about it...)

Okay so NOW comes the 'do better' part.....

Just last week it was 'Justice For Trayvon' that 'we' wanted from the police and the system. I must have seen thousands of tweets/Facebook messages/etc talking about we are 'non violent' folks by nature. Today just null and voided that talk from a good 95% of you. Time and place to do that? Sure is. From the info we have on the situation, neither was appropriate. 

Ya'll were all for the 'dressed to damage' uniform tweet today @ the scarf/etc/etc. Again, no less than last week (to the credit of some of you as late as yesterday) it was 'Your clothes don't mean anyone should think you are violent...' Today though it was "she should have known homegirl was there to do work'. Which one is it ya'll? @ the clothing issue. Everyone dressed like she was doesn't fight. Or do they? Contradiction? I'll let you cop the pleas to dispel that but it's looking that way......Zimmerman is still guilty. All day. Every day. So we are clear. I am talking about YOU AND THE BLANKET THAT YOU TRIED TO THROW OVER every suspicious act as being not such because Trayvon died. We know that isn't true. Some shit DOES mean certain shit. Can't pick and choose. @ when we want to fly the 'Black people CAN AND WILL FUCK YOU UP' card and when we want to cry foul. That's all I'm saying. Sometimes, we are going to be right (Trayvon) and sometimes we are going to be WRONG as hell...That's how the World works.. 

They don't dress folks up like this in commercials for nothing...

If you are going to go beat up someone, leave the cameras at home. Stop being in such a rush to be a 'star' on ANY VIDEO SITE for this stupid shit. So what, you are the 'neighborhood' fade champ. That belt doesn't pay any money and you are more than likely are gonna pass on taking up MMA to MAKE MONEY fighting against folks who can..well....actually fucking fight so.. In addition, you are indicting YOURSELF with evidence of the crime trying to keep it trill. -_-

Ya'll are out here complaining about 'snitching' yet you are documenting your activities on camera and next week you will be complaining about 'them crackas' who are 'keeping you down'. No nigga, that would BE YOU keeping YOURSELF now. Making bad decisions. We won't even 'discuss' what they were 'fighting about'. That shit was middle school shit. Keep fighting for the imaginary 'champ' of your area belt though..

Gotta make better decisions folks. Getting folks attention is GREAT but when will some of you learn that this is not the way to get it done? Another gal with a record (already had one apparently) washing away in the system. Damm shame. Oh well...she doesn't give a damm then I don't give a fuck...I guess.. (Youngbloodz paraphrased) Not sure why ya'll want these 'white folks' out here to care though if you don't give a fuck about yourselves. This is why I don't make that 'argument' for the lot of you. I could EASILY point to the things they don't 'care about' and steer some of that YOUR WAY but you don't care ENOUGH ABOUT YOURSELF. I'll be dammed if I look like a fool out here trying to steer attention towards things that you are gonna SCREW UP ON YOUR OWN anyway. Nope. Sorry. 

Am I mad at folks for joking about this all day? Yes and no. Mad is probably the wrong word. I don't know how 'right' it was because I know that some amongst you would THRIVE in getting that attention she got today. Hell, BOTH OF THEM GOT. That's how sad shit is out here. Maybe the word I am is 'sad'. Not mad. I just think it is a shame that some folks out here find THAT MUCH HUMOR in bullshit. Like it really made SOME OF YA'LLS DAY OUTCHEA. The misery of her getting her ass kicked (Make no mistake..she got her ass molly whopped) just seemed to bring out the kind of 'evil' in some of you that makes me wish you NEVER PROSPER. Ever. I can also see why you aren't if you are truly carrying around that visceral vibe some of you had going on today. It is okay though. I know that for most of you, that video was the embodiment of the personal Hell you live through daily that you mask via the "LOLs" and the jokes about other people. So I know all is balanced out.....So in that sense, I'm not 'mad'. Do your thing...*

 *In the spirit of Lebron James...@ how I said that. So you don't have to 'speculate'.

All the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal. But they have to get back to the real world at some point.”

Broken down even more eloquently..

"If the best you can do is get your nuts off on my failure, that is TRULY SOME SAD SHIT AND FOR THAT, I actually feel bad for you. I mean if you are about THAT life then in turn your life must be REALLY REALLY small and you clearly don't have SHIT ELSE GOING ON IT. So after the jokes and shit subside, you’ll STILL have to return to said small life. I can live with what I've done and who I am....Or in this case, what was done to me (her)...

Yeah...I told you..Your favorite ASSHOLE doesn't have shit on me. I can be just as mean as nasty as they come fam...