Monday, April 16, 2012

I slept with our driver only 22 times, I did not know I was pregnant

Wonders shall never end. See me see gist o. Laugh wan kill me die oooo.....Now what should this be called??...You even know how many times you slept with him...hmmm..According to report,A Kuwaiti man put his Asian housemaid in the car and rushed her to the hospital after hearing her scream of pain in the stomach.
Doctors at the hospital in Kuwait City tried to assure the man his maid was not ill but pregnant. Instead of cheering, he was shocked, for the maid is not married.
When the angry man went to the maid on her hospital bed and asked her how, she replied that she had an affair with the family driver.
“I slept with him only 22 times and I did not know I was pregnant,” she told the man, who got a fresh shock.
 The man reported the maid and the Asian driver to the police.