Friday, April 20, 2012

First Female Chief Justice of Nigeria Emerges

A female Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Mariam Aloma Muktar, has been nominated to replace Justice Dahiru Musdapher as the Chief Justice of Nigeria, as he retires on the July 16, 2012.

Hon. Justice Aloma Mariam Muktar was born in 1944. She was called to the English Bar in 1966 and later called to the Nigerian Bar in June 1967.

A thorough Legal Professional, Hon. Justice A.M Muktar had served as: Pupil State Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Northern Nigeria (1967)
Draftsman, Office of the Legal Draftsman, Interim Common Service Agency Magistrate Grade I, North Eastern Government (1969 – 1973).
Chief Registrar, Kano State Government Judiciary (1973 – 1977)
Judge – High Court of Kano State (1977), Justice - Court of Appeal (1987), Presiding Justice - Court of Appeal (1993 - 2005)
Justice M A Muktar is a Life Member of the International Association of Women Lawyers, Hon. Justice Aloma Mariam Muktar has been a Justice of the Supreme Court (JSC) since 2005.

The outgoing CJN, Justice Dahiru Musdapher recommended her to succeed him. However, her appointment is subject to ratification by the Presidency.