Thursday, September 1, 2011

Changes abound....Here at the blog....Mailbag/offline questions answered...rant ensues..Another day at The Warehouse...

Clearly, if this is your first time clicking in awhile, you can see the slide show and the background changes. I won't speak too much on those because they are pretty self explanatory. They will be changed soon as I am in the middle of deciding how to REALLY utilize them. @ the slides. I want to feature stuff but I want it to be next level. Hopefully, I can get the information up and pick wisely. I know a lot gets 'lost' in the blogs backlogs and the popular posts item, while helpful, doesn't spotlight all the posts I would like it to. At times, that slide will look like an ad will look like me showcasing my work. Other times it will be used to JUST SHOW LOVE TO SOME FOLKS. Period. 

You should know by now though that by changes I actually mean ADDITIONS as well. Which for some of you slower folks will look like 'change'. I would say I am 'sorry' that you feel that way but that would be a lie. Not a fuck will be given actually. Gotta keep this thing moving FORWARD. My goals were never JUST DE or NC (OR JUST FOR certain folks in said states) to begin with which is why I didn't just start them 'there'. I like to bring it from all over. I will continue to do just that.

You see, I didn't start this blog to catch the attention of 'one particular' audience or to the be the voice for 'one set of people'. Nope. The way I see it, some of you need to SPEAK FOR YOURSELVES anyway as everything YOU stand for, I don't. That is what makes us all human. I can't eat your respect and I live in a DIFFERENT WORLD than a lot of you anyway. That is just the facts. I have ALWAYS KNOWN THAT. Maybe you didn't because I knew about YOUR WORLD and that is how you got introduced to me or the blog but it is true. I know how that sounded too. I don't really care. Simplistic shit doesn't appeal to me. There is a lot I want to say but I will save that for another blog post.(Oh I am gonna say it. Trust me.)  Period. So you can't make me feel bad for not 'repping for you'. Rep for yourself homie. If our tastes happen to agree on something, so be it. If not....oh well.

I'm not doing this to talk to myself. I want to REACH ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE. So that being said, OTHER DIMENSIONS will slowly be added. Actually, they already are here but will be more visible. I need more people to see what is going on so in order to do that, I have to post the things that will BRING THEM HERE to begin with all while posting things that I STILL FOOL WITH. Hard line to tow if I cared about what others thought was 'wack' or 'not for us'.

Good thing I don't give a fuck about that huh? "Cause I don't and it is going to show up EVEN MORE in the posts. Pictures and all of that. If you decide that your 'product' can't be associated with that and you don't want to 'retweet' or pass whatever I write onto your folks so they can see it, LET ME KNOW. So I can stop writing about it. I love writing about folks but I DO HAVE OTHER THINGS AND FOLKS I could be writing and posting up about. Ya dig? I won't take it personally if you tell me. I WILL IF YOU DON'T THOUGH and slowly stop 'supporting me' like I support you. That is anybody. I don't care who you are. Whether you live down the street from me, 5 miles away from me or 700 miles away. Not about to do that. I've already done that with SEVERAL FOLKS. It is the SUM OF THE PARTS, not one part that makes this thing work. Let me know now if you 'don't respect me' so I can QUICKLY STOP giving my time out. Notice I didn't say 'like', I said respect. Notice I didn't say 'fear'...I said respect. They are different things...**

TRANSLATION: I can't wait and 'depend' on ya'll by catering to JUST YOU...I just can't do it.... You wanna come then come. @ the ride. You don't? Get off the train.You WILL NOT KEEP ME DOWN WITH YOUR NARROW MINDED ASS VIEWS ON LIFE. Nope. Sorry.

It is funny that I should even have to say that as the usual 'topic' that makes people feel that way is the ONE THAT GETS THE MOST HITS.....

 THE WOMEN and their pictures..

So yeah, if the women bother you to the point that you can 'no longer be associating yourself' with the blog, I understand. Truly. Just know that more people have seen your PRODUCT AND DISCOVERED IT FROM THOSE VERY SAME WOMAN BEING FEATURED ON HERE. I have the stats to prove it. Folks have come here thinking this site is all about the 'pictures' and leave with new music. But hey, you don't want to associate with that? Cool......

The chat series (Think 'interview' only less formal..)  and lack thereof newness: 

I took a little bit of time off from that for a few reasons. Some have been posted on the blog and some have and will not be made known. What I can tell you is this. I have some planned. 

Some folks are even asking me 'When are we gonna do this?" @ interviews. I'm talking folks I WANT TO INTERVIEW, not those that I have no interest in interviewing. 

Here is one reason why I stepped back from doing them. I wanted to develop more of an identity with my methods. Wanted to make sure I wasn't interviewing folks 'just because I had access to them' and the like. I've seen some projects that have been fumbled here lately by others that I know that are doing things 'because they have access'. It doesn't come out as good as it should because things aren't in perspective. I sought out that perspective and I think I have it. I don't see me 'changing' my chat series style but rather attacking it with more aplomb and a better understanding of how to get what I WANT out of the chat. That will hopefully make it better for you to read. 

I also mulled back and forth with doing 'visual' interviews. For now, I have decided against that. I can't be out here worried about getting 'visual' evidence that I actually 'interviewed' someone which is a real live fear of mine. I want folks to KNOW WHEN I DID SOMETHING which is why I don't imply COMPLETE ownership of stuff now. @ stuff I didn't do. I know that the visual interview started because of that but I happen to like putting fingers to keys (as opposed to pen to paper because technically I am not 'writing') I think it makes you think and have to paint your OWN visual in your head. Plus I am not about that 'in front of the camera' life. I will DO IT but it is not my preference. I am not here for all of that. I want you respect my mind. If I didn't, I would be up here with pics of myself plastered all over the blog.* So for now, no videos like that. Occasionally, if the opportunity presents itself, there MAY BE one or two but I am not ready to do it in that fashion.

THE MUSIC THAT I FEATURE ON THE BLOG....POST #242403124082 answering that question...

As if the sidebar isn't clear. There are exceptions that I post up songs that I am not necessarily a HUGE FAN OF but because I know of folks WHO ARE FANS OF THAT TYPE OF MUSIC, I will put it up. So lets get that out of the way. I mean, it is GREAT THAT I WANT TO PUT UP THINGS THAT I LOVE but if I can at least 'understand' why you are making the music you make and you DO HAVE TALENT, I won't deny the masses of that. Just know though that if I feel that way about your music (don't 'love it' that is..) that all of your music won't MAKE ITS WAY HERE. I refuse to be 'conflicted' over music by someone whose style I don't 'love'. Hell, there are artists whose music I DO LOVE that I don't put all their music up. So if I do that to them, what do you think I am going to do in regards to YOUR MUSIC. That's right...pick and choose out of what I like and don't like. That's just how it goes fam. There is no money being exchanged so.....

Speaking of money being 'exchanged', for those of you who asked about ads and I told you that 'placement' is an issue, that is no longer the case. I can do it but I am not about to put YOUR STUFF on my site, driving money to your pocket for your services without compensation. Period. So if you want a space, hit me up. You see the email on the side. 

On why I don't do the 'bashing' thing that others do on the Net:

It is simple. The shit is lame to me. I don't 'hate' someone that much to invest all of that time into them dissing 'em. I just don't. I will say whatever it is I have to say about whatever the subject is and leave it alone. What do I look like looking 'invested' out here talking SPECIFICALLY about one of those KNOWN FOLKS negatively FOR DAYS ON END? Unprovoked? How desperate do I look out here? Not to mention it is EASY TO DO. I mean, all you have to do is compile other folks feelings, over exaggerate to the hundredth power on the slander meter and boom. That shit is blackflace level to me. I would be FAR MORE ENTERTAINED if folks 'went in' on the real enemies. Oh wait, they can't. They are scared of those folks. Whether they be the 'rich powerful white man' who is their idol or the cat in their hood, they won't even ALLUDE TO THEM. Ever. 

I haven't exaggerated yet so don't claim I am doing what they do. I have yet to say anything that starts with 'They are probably somewhere right now, hating on air...throwing punches at it and cuss at the fact they have to breath it...' or some shit. Nope. I didn't say that....Or did I? 

Look, that is not what I do. I don't have that kinda hate in my blood for those folks.

....again...I can't wait for 'ya'll'....

*Notice that there aren't many pics of me here. It is not about the 6'0 270 lb dude's looks. It is about my mind here. I have been fighting that stereotype FOREVER. Hence, not that many pictures...

** Thank God for Google.....or the search engines in general. Folks stumble across this site every day. Very thankful for that.