Friday, September 2, 2011

Studio Campfire Stories: "Everything She Wants" (feat. Phonte @Phontigallo)

Studio Campfire Stories: "Everything She Wants" (feat. Phonte @Phontigallo)

This song is pretty special to me because it was a favorite of my deceased cousin. She LOVED WHAM! Played it to death. I definitely enjoyed this song and this version. Here is Zo!'s account. You know how this works..I give you a paragraph or two and you go click the link to read the rest...

Everything She Wants" was actually the LAST song recorded for the album. The reason why Phonte is on the joint is because.... well.... we both knew that he and I could complete a song super quickly and efficiently. At the time I was looking to get just ONE more joint on the album to being the total to seven and nothing was showing any promise. I was debating on whether or not to do an instrumental track as was done on ...just visiting too, but selection-wise nothing was coming together. It's kind of a difficult position to be in because as an artist because you never want to force creativity, yet the deadline you set for yourself is staring you in your face and suggesting otherwise. Well, there was about a week left until the deadline the day that I started looking through my iTunes collection and spotted a song that I thought might be perfect... My text to Phonte read:

"Left field idea for JV3... "Everything She Wants" by Wham"

....Then I waited.

Looking back in my text history, there IS no return text... Why? Because Phonte called me back.... Now we all know it serious when you send somebody a text and they hit that 'talk' button on you. And now, to give you more proof in regards to how much kats are on the same page musically, he basically told me that he had always wanted to remake that particular joint mainly because he talked about how well-written the song was. Well shit!! Sounds like we have a winner!! The discussion that followed involved HOW we were gonna remake it. The first issue at hand: Tempo. We agreed that we would either have to do more of a sped up version of it to make it our own, or a version where the tempo was slower... we chose the latter. The funny thing is, I remember thinking of the drum pattern that I was going to use while he and I were still on the phone. As soon as we hung up, I went down to the studio and started working on a slower and more grooved-out version of "Everything She Wants" by programming and recording the drums...