Thursday, September 1, 2011

@MistahFAB speaking TO V-Nasty about the use of the word

I have seen the comments that have folks claiming she 'can't be from the hood'. I know better. (Shoutout to Leah Mullins) So yeah, that can't be true. Maybe not in your hood I suppose. It does exist though.

Mistah Fab breaks it down though. @ others who aren't black using the word....

I am sure that for most of ya'll, this isn't going to change your mind about how you feel about her. He brings up some VALID POINTS THOUGH to me. Super valid actually. 

I will say this:

If you cop pleas for those who 'don't know any better' who are the same color as you are but you won't at least try to understand this situation, there might be an issue. That's all I will say. Now if you DO HOLD EVERYONE'S FEET TO THE FIRE then do your thing. I won't get in your way.

I don't condone her using the word but I was never super offended by it. I also don't (admittedly) listen to her music so I am not subjected to hearing her use it over and over again.* 

* I did take the time to listen to it several times before I weighed in initially though. I wouldn't comment on music I have never heard. That's bad business. Period.