Friday, September 2, 2011

A certain rapper said he was better than Drake, Jay-Z, Wayne and others..I don't speak his name...

"Cause I happen to think he is OVER HYPED LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER..(Rare negative comment by me on my blog about a rapper.) He asked us to put it up on the blogs so they would 'see it'.

I'm thinking none of them niggas really care...honestly. He is talented but truthfully he doesn't impress me. I am not into the 'where he is from' and if he is 'hood' or not shit either. Again, I know ENOUGH HOOD NIGGAS AND THE LIKE. I am not impressed. Sorry. Period.

Maybe if he handled his business better and stopped making music he 'doesn't like' and signs better contracts, he wouldn't have to make statements like is said rapper.


Oh and since he CLEARLY GETS ON THE INTERNET AND LOOKS FOR HIS NAME TO SEE WHAT FOLKS ARE SAYING (Right or wrong...), it isn't that those that he dissed are 'not to be dissed' or anything else. Nobody is in their 'feelings' over you dissing folks over here. I am tired of you whining and the excuses.