Friday, January 27, 2012

Man Crushes wife's head Over "Fufu" and Palm Soup

An uncontrolled appetite of a demanding husband who insisted that his wife prepare his favorite meal - fufu and palm soup with bush meat delicacy (‘npunam’) in the night, turned sour when a scuffle ensued, with the man allegedly crushing the head of the woman with a concrete block.

The bizarre incident occurred at Asiakwa in the Eastern Region, and according to an eye witness account, it was the timely intervention of the Assembly Member of the area who saved the woman from excessive bleeding and rushed her to the Kyebi Government hospital.

The Assembly Member, Mr. Frank Owusu Aboagye, confirmed the incident saying the man, Kwabena Asiedu, aged 53, is currently on the run while his wife, Yaa Asantewaa (aged 50), is recuperating at the hospital.

He later narrated the incident that the couple had married for five years and had individual children from their previous marriages.

He said Kwabena Asiedu is well known for his alcohol addiction, adding that last week Sunday, he came home late in the evening (around 8:00pm) gave his wife GH¢5.00 and asked her to pound him fufu with palm soup, laced with bush meat, and went out - hoping to return home for a good meal.

However, to his disappointment, when he returned from his night exploits around 10:30 to discover that his wife had not prepared the meal as instructed, he became so furious that he was said to have started raining insults on the woman who also retaliated, resulting in an unending give-and-take affair between the two.

The Assembly Member said the couple later engaged in a fierce fight and in the process, the man raised a cement block, hitting the woman hard in the head.

Culled from The New Crusading Guide