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Evan Martin's Story - Family man, PMACrew member & basketball that order! | PMAallday

Evan Martin's Story - Family man, PMACrew member & basketball that order! | PMAallday

I get the feeling some of you in the 'area' think this opportunity was 'handed' to Evan. No. Evan has (and continues to) WORK at his goal to play basketball professionally. He isn't sitting around 'hoping and dreaming'. He is being proactive and making the sacrifices one has to make. I have heard the same ole 'crabs in a barrel' responses when I tell folks that he was pursuing basketball overseas. The 'how's and the 'why not me's'......There is no embellishment in this story and it is all true.

I am putting this up here because I think that some of you live in the 14 -24 years old bubble. As in, if you play sports and you haven't 'been discovered by the whole World' at that time, you should just give it up. (Scottie Pippen is on line one btw. He'd like to have a word with you about not being 'the man' in high school/going to a small school. Extreme example but YOU DO GET THE PICTURE, RIGHT?) ....@ that ending age.

Everyone doesn't get 'there' like that and 'there' is relative. To what you love and to get paid well for it in ANY CAPACITY is a dream. Some folks DO ACTUALLY have to work hard and aren't coddled from 'birth' as the next 'legend'. I'll be honest, that was EXACTLY SOME OF YOU SAME FOLKS WHO THROW THOSE CRAB IN A BARREL responses around issue. You were coddled and spoiled. You got lazy. You listened to your own press clippings...Anyway......I just thought I would make it clear WHY this is going up on the blog.As a subtle reminder. I hope it reaches some of you out there who are 'nice' when you play in the 'local ' league and with the ref that you grew up with but are being a LITTLE TOO LAX in pursuing your 'dreams'.

Evan is just out here chasing his dream (like many are). Here are the details as to his basketball journey and why he is no longer in Switzerland....

*I was asked to read it, not share it. I felt compelled to do it on my own. My views are MY VIEWS. Evan is a friend but he has NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT PARAGRAPH UP TOP. Nothing. I can stand alone and defend my view on it. The proof is in the pudding. @ what I described up top.

This post is authored by Evan Martin, a PMACrew twitter bud. It is an email, addressed to European agent, describing his experience becoming a professional basketball player overseas and what led him to reevaluate his situation. You be the judge…does he have that ATTITUDE?!?

Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!


This was an email that I sent an agent in Europe several months ago…

You asked me what happened and why I left such a wonderful opportunity in Nyon? First, you have to ask yourself…what is a “wonderful opportunity”?!! It may mean different things to different people. I believe that playing Professional Basketball in Nyon was truly a Blessing! I wouldn’t trade that “experience” for the world and to be honest if I could do it again, I probably would! But, to answer your question of why I left, how about I give you a little background information to let you know about myself and then I will let you draw your own conclusion, because it’s hard to put it all into a nut-shell!

I am from Wilmington, Delaware which is on the east coast of the United States. It’s a small state and a small city. Not too many people from where I am from get the exposure or opportunity to play professional basketball or even go to a D1 college or prestige institution. Needless to say, my name was never in flashing lights and I was never spoon-fed! I always had to get things on my own with the help of my father. I found out about everything late, I was never in that basketball circle growing up; as far as different exposure camps, AAU, etc. I’m a late-bloomer I guess you could say! My family is not the richest from the area either, so they didn’t have the extra money to expose me to a lot of things; but my family and parents always provided for my brother, sister and myself to the best of the ability! Being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, my parents instilled in me morals and values at a young age that but me in touch with my Creator, God! Who I still am drawing close to! Therefore, I was not raised the same as other basketball players! I am a different breed, cut from a different cloth!

In high school I was not the biggest or the tallest, but I had the most heart and I worked extremely hard, my work-ethics are strong and my mental is very powerful. This carried me along and still is. From high school, I was passed over by a lot of colleges because of my size and my age so I chose to go to the Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina (winning a National Championship during my tenure there). I emailed you my athletic resume so you can review that to get a little bit of information on my past as well!

Back to the story: I could have went to a couple D1 colleges after prep-school, I was favoring University of Delaware but a good friend of mine and my father got the Head Coaching job at Notre Dame University (Head Coach of the year in D1 this year, 2011, Mike Brey). Then I was leaning towards Coastal Carolina (D1) due to me being recruited from prep-school from there but the head got the head-assistant coaching job at NC State (The Wolfpack-D1), and the head-assistant coach (Scott Mclary) that was at Coastal Carolina got the head coach job at Marymount University (Arlington Virginia-D3). Due to it being late in the season for recruiting and I overlooked a couple school planning to attend Coastal Carolina, I made the decision to go with who was recruiting me heavily, Scott Mclary. Before I attended Marymount I met the woman of my dreams, currently known as “My Wife”!!! After attending Marymount my freshman year and making an impact and hitting the record books a little bit, I was hungry for more; I wanted a taste of D1 basketball, which was my initial want! Thus, I chose to attend Delaware State University (D1), because it was closer to my wife, whom was my girlfriend at the time and family. Wanting to stay in my home-state and play basketball was also a desire growing up too. After being at Delaware State I had a little resentment because the coach and I did not see eye-to-eye, so we decided to part ways. Being so late in my college career I had to make a decision and I had to make one quickly! After developing a relationship with my weight-trainer at Delaware State (who is currently the strength and conditioning trainer at South Carolina State (D1), graduate from Bowie State (Maryland-D1) he encouraged me to go around the corner to Wesley College (Dover, Delaware-D3) so I can play right away and get game-film and more exposure. Making that transition payed off rather well, only after 2-years, my senior season in college we won the Conference-Championship!!!

Upon return from my wedding-cruise I received a phone call from my old head coach from Wesley who had a friend that had a connection by the name of Roosevelt Bouie. He is 7 foot, 50 year old gentleman, Coach Beoyhem’s first recruit from Syracuse University (D1) and played ball overseas for many years. I went to a tryout he had in New York when I returned from my wedding-cruise and impressed him so well that he put his stamp on me immediately. From there he sent me to a Swiss basketball Camp to work, network, and try to find a job! Hoping to get offered a contract, I set out on my journey across seas! There I met a man who is co-owner of the camp named John Ferguson (a very decent man)! He told me he was going to be the head coach of Nyon, gave me a little bit of information and I chose to go along with the other. Having limited options, and trying to get my foot in the door, I had no other clear-cut choice if I wanted to live my childhood dream and play Professional Basketball in another country.

While I was there, being away from my wife, getting paid a little bit of money (not much at all and me sending most of it back home to my wife) there was limited stuff for me to do. Living with a family in Switzerland was another task within itself! With my morals being slightly different than others that were around me I felt virtually on my own. It was kids on my Professional Club in Nyon, which being 26/27 years old was a little difficult to go out with them. Like I previously stated before, being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, I tried my best to attend my meetings in Switzerland with limited transportation and money, also with the language-barrier! I tried my best!

We ran across some issues with our visas, the other Americans and I and were not able to play in a couple games, needless to say it was one frustration after another but I was still holding on and fighting through all the obstacles and confusion! Missing my wife, Yes, wanting her to come with me, Yes, but not once did she ever tell me to come home, she was very supportive through the whole ordeal and process Next time, she is coming with me, or I will hopefully have a bigger contract to send home more funds to where we both are comfortable! With bills and cost back at home, I need more of a financial impact! The bills were not going to pay themselves!

So I spoke with the President of BBC Nyon and told her everything, as I am with you now! She said it was necessary for me to return. Therefore, upon mutual agreement we both decided that our tenure was over, with respect and admiration for one another.

Thus my journey back to the states was present. I met Mr. Hilliard through my father and from there have been trying to salvage my career and find me a lucrative contract to where I am comfortable and satisfied!

I will conclude here because I believe that you get the picture…From my past, present and potential future!!!

I am an optimistic person, my father always taught me to remain mentally strong and always make decisions to where you will not regret them, be a Man and have forward-progress, always associate myself with good-hearted and positive people and always, always, always see the glass half-full instead of half-empty!!!

It was my pleasure sharing my life and information with you. If you need any other clarification just let me know and I am happy to share my knowledge and/or thoughts with you!


Thanks so much Evan for your contribution!